How To Make A Class or A Student Blog

If you are not making a student or a class blog  you can go to

I got a request saying how do we make a class or student blog if you want to do a request click on any requests

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on sign up

Step 3: Follow the instrutions

Step 4: Click on the box next to I Agree with terms of service

Step 5: Click on Start blogging



How to Fix Your Internet Connection

Have you ever had trouble with wifi or internent connection This is for you

Step 1 right click on a white computer with a cable or the 4 lines

you should be able to see this

Step 2 click on Troubleshoot probloms

Step 3 follow the instuctions  

How to Add a Link in PowerPoint or Word

Have you always wanted to make a link in PowerPoint or in Word like this

Its easy just follow these steps

Step 1 go to the website you want to make a link of

Step 2 select the adress

Step 3 right click on it

Step 4 click on Copy

Step 5 go to the PowerPoint or Word and select the text

Step 6 right click on the text

Step 7 click on Hyperlink

Step 8 right click on the box at the box at the bottom

Step 9 click on paste

Step 10 click on OK

you’re done 

How To Make a Special Background in PowerPoint

Have you always wanted to make a background like this in PowerPoint

it`s easy as 12345 and 6

Step 1 Go to PowerPoint


Step 2 right click anywhere on the white part


then you should be able to see this

Step 3 click on Format Background


you should be able to see this

Step 4 click on Picture or Texture fill

you should be able to see this

step 5 upload your file

if you coped a file from the internet click on Clipboard

if you have a file on your computer click on File

if you don’t have a picture click on Clip Art

Step 6 click on Tile picture as texture

you’re done