Any Requests

If you want to know how to do do some thing on a computer wright it on comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Any Requests

  1. Hello ,

    I would like to know how you found out how to do all of these things on the blog? Have you thought about doing a post on How to Make A Blog? I was talking to Mrs J the other day and she was wondering how to start one up! Maybe she will need to come and talk to you…or just visit your blog for a step-by-step guide!

    Miss T 🙂

  2. Congratulations Badr!

    We are very impressed with your blog! There are a lot of helpful hints and tips for everyone.

    Keep up the great work!

    Miss P and 6B 🙂

  3. Good Job Badr. Your blog is very cool, I don’t know how to do half these things and I’m a year 6!!!!!! I really like your blog, GOOD JOB!!!!

  4. Hi Badr,

    I am wondering if you would be interested in designing a poster with steps to help people at school when they can’t log on to the internet.
    I know you like taking screenshots of each step, which I think would be really helpful for people to understand.

    Have a think about it!

    Miss T

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